GP Mental Health Skills Masterclass

This was the best conference I attended after years of my medical school. The speakers were thorough and made my concepts of depression and bipolar very clear.

Dr Goel, Australia

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The GP Mental Health Skills Masterclass is held in three state capitals in 2017:

  • In Perth on Sat 18th March 2017
  • In Sydney on Sat 25th March 2017
  • In Melbourne on Sat 1st April
  • In Brisbane on Sat 27th May


This workshop enhances the General Practitioner’s ability to diagnose, treat and manage common presentations of mental disorders across the lifespan. Interactive case studies are used to illustrate appropriate strategies for developing comprehensive formulation and patient management plans. Booklet and access to psychiatry interview videos are provided to enhance interviewing skills along with concise knowledge of evidence based management.

Dr Sanil Rege and renown guest speakers take you on a journey of interactive learning with real life cases to enhance real life skills. You will learn to:

  • Perform risk assessments and outline key steps in management of risk in primary care.
  • Identify and recognise common presentations of mental illness in primary care.
  • Identify presentations that should be referred for specialist care.
  • Reproduce diagnostic criteria for depression, psychosis, anxiety and substance use disorders.
  • Formulate patient’s presentations in a bio-psychosocial model.
  • Distinguish between Axis I and Axis II (personality disorders).
  • Write a mental health care plan.
  • Implement a devised mental health care plan.
  • Discuss choice of appropriate medication for common mental disorders.
  • Explain common mental illnesses to families and carers


Contact your local Servier Rep to register for the 2017 GP Masterclass in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

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