Key Speakers


  • "Thanks for the great quality presentations. The speakers were very knowledgeable and great presenters."
    GP Masterclass Feedback
  • “Didn’t feel like an 8 hr workshop. Very interesting content and presentations.”
    GP Masterclass Feedback
  • “Very informative interactive and engaging programme.”
    GP Feedback
  • “Excellent presenters, good content, Saturday well spent!”
    GP Feedback
  • “Excellent and very informative talk by Dr Sanil. Psychiatry has come alive and more meaningful”
    GP MHST Masterclass Feedback
  • “Very useful and relevant. Well organised. Good case studies”
    GP Feedback
  • “Excellent speakers and new approach from Sanil. Great information and practical information given. Thank you for an excellent conference and the opportunity to attend!”
    GP Feedback
  • “A wonderful presentation. Highly relevant. Superb speakers. Full of provocative ideas. Lucidly outlined with confidence and clarity.”
    GP MHST Masterclass Feedback
  • “An amazing romp through a huge amount of information and skills.”
    GP Masterclass Feedback
  • “Very effective case discussions. Excellent presenters. Really this is the Masterclass!”
    GP MHST Masterclass Feedback
  • The course should be integrated into mainstream teaching as part of psychiatric training from first year. As for the rest of us, it serves as a catalyst for integration of knowledge and experience gained through years of public service work.”
    Formulation and Management Masterclass Feedback
  • “Great content which was not only relevant to the development of my knowledge in the areas covered but also surpassed my expectations in certain aspects.”
    Psychiatry Trainee Feedback From Masterclass

What`s Special

  • Suitable for all psychologists
  • Enhance your ability to diagnose and treat mental disorders efficiently
  • How to conceptualise psychiatric disorders in clinical practice
  • Develop sophisticated bio-psychosocial formulations
  • Techniques to devise a strategic management plan in clinical practice
  • Understand the basics of psychopharmacology and its clinical application
  • Practice bio-psychosocial formulations
  • Understand the biological impact of stress on the brain and its clinical relevance
  • Interactive case based discussions to consolidate your knowledge
  • Techniques to manage treatment resistance


The Masterclass is developed collaboratively with expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

The Masterclass combines clinical skills, neurobiology, psychopharmacology, formulation models and strategic management plans within a real world context to take your clinical practice to the next level.
Interactive case studies and discussion are used to consolidate theory and facilitate shared learning.
Clinical practice will never be the same again.