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Hi, we are Psych Scene. We started in a suburban Sydney home in 2009, with the quest to enhance psychiatry as our guiding passion. We founded Psych Scene because we saw a need for comprehensive, world-class training that would not only boost careers but also improve patient care. It all took off by offering a helping hand to a few colleagues. But then the few became many, and we knew it was time to create something unique. The 'Cruise Through the Fellowship Courses' for the RANZCP Exams were our first creation. Based on the great feedback from our peers, we soon took the next step in developing the online learning concept; Psych Interview. We kept listening intently to what our members want and went on to develop the Psych Evidence Critical Appraisal Course, Psych Interview online training, Psych Scene Symposium, GP Mental Health Skills Masterclass, and Psychiatry Masterclass for Trainees. A desire to create a free platform for relevant and real world articles and videos led to the development of the Psych Scene Hub. Since 2009, over 3,000 members have benefited from our training events and online products, and we look forward to investing in adding, even more, value to psychiatry in the future.
Learn more about the team behind Psych Scene below.

Sanil Rege, Co-Founder and Academic Lead

“Real world success requires real world skills. I believe that high quality education can help transform careers and make a huge difference to patients.”

Sanil is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (U.K.) and Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He obtained both degrees in just five years, passing his exams at the first attempt. Since then Sanil has worked in the United Kingdom and across Australia, finally settling down on the Mornington Peninsula where he is now a private Psychiatrist leading his own boutique clinic with a team of psychiatrists and psychologists. He combines his clinical experience of over 12 years with academia to provide a unique perspective to psychiatry. You can see what people say about the courses.

As Academic Lead at Psych Scene, Sanil is responsible for the creation of all course materials, collaborating with expert speakers and running the live courses. Sanil is a clear, enthusiastic and motivational course facilitator who promotes discussion and interaction during live events. His events are highly sought after.

He also leads the Medical Educational Design (MED) Team with Paul.

His clinical and management skills have helped him found Vita Healthcare, a boutique mental health clinic on the Mornington Peninsula. Sanil has several publications in peer-reviewed journals and is a regular contributor to the Psych Scene Hub.

In his spare time, Sanil enjoys spending time with his family, reading, thinking and travelling.

Jaana Kervinen, Co-Founder and Business Development Manager

“I enjoy building customer relationships, and offering a service that’s seamless and stress free, so our students can just focus on learning.”

Jaana has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management and a Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise. Before co-founding Psych Scene she worked in tourism marketing and product management.

As Business Development Manager at Psych Scene, Jaana is responsible for managing business procedures, executing customer care and fine tuning product offerings before they go out to the market. She also looks after business administration and marketing.

Jaana is also a mother and a Finn; two things that have great influence on her character. In her spare time she loves taking walks with the family dog, Luca, and enjoying weekend breaks with her loved ones.

Daniela Stansfield, Project Manager

“I aim to consistently deliver healthcare best practices and experiences that respond to the needs of the industry.”

Daniela is a health services professional who has worked in management for more than twenty years. A natural leader, she has a flair for organizing and managing groups in fast-paced, high-pressure environments both nationally and internationally.

As Project Manager at Psych Scene, Daniela is responsible for implementing and evaluating professional educational programs for physicians and healthcare professionals. She also manages training events throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Outside the office, Daniela enjoys spending time on the beach with her family and visiting local markets on the Mornington Peninsula.

Paul Size, Instructional Designer

"My passion is in creating learning solutions that are innovative and purpose built."

Paul is a learning and development professional who has a passion for everything ‘learning’. He has worked on various transformational projects with Telstra and other corporates, but has always been most interested in creating customized learning solutions.

As an instructional designer with Psych Scene, Paul is responsible for building a range of learning tools, eLearning programs, and other bespoke learning solutions. He becomes an important part of the Medical Education Design (MED) Team.

When Paul is not creating things, he’s spending time with his family, either with his wife and daughters or surfing with his sons – even through winter!

Speaker Profiles

We recruit only the very best speakers for our workshops, courses and events. You can learn a little more about them below.

Team Member

Dr Antonella Ventura

Consultant Forsenic and Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Antonella Ventura is an experienced medical educator and has been closely involved with the RANZCP Examinations Committee. Dr Ventura has a particular expertise in women mental health. More recently she has developed a clinical interest in mood disorders associated with the menopause. She provides valuable feedback to the PsychScene Clinical Course participants.

Team Member

Dr Neeraj Sareen

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Neeraj Sareen is Head of the Adult Psychiatry at Casey Hospital, Monash Health. With a clinical interest in Youth Psychiatry, he has worked for Alfred Health’s Youth Early Psychosis Program through Headspace and as Youth Psychiatrist at Monash Health. Neeraj has a wide range of interests including teaching, medical leadership, health service management and service improvement.

Team Member

A/Prof Ajeet Singh

Consultant Psychiatrist

A/Prof Ajeet Singh is an academic private psychiatrist with interests in complex mood disorders, transcranial magnetic stimulation and pharmacogenetics. In 2013, he was awarded a doctorate in blood brain barrier pharmacogenetic prediction of antidepressant dosing. He is a senior clinical lecturer and research fellow at Deakin School of Medicine and deputy medical director of The Geelong Clinic.

Team Member

Dr Allison Kirsop

Medical Writer

Dr Allison Kirsop teaches scientists-in-training how to develop their writing skills. She uses her expertise as a former chemistry researcher with several years’ in the role of editorial manager for a leading medical journal in neuroendocrinology. Allison is owner of Rosswrite Medical Writing and Founder of, which she developed to host her scientific writing workshops.

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