New Written MCQ Course for the RANZCP Exam – CBFP 2012 Candidates

RANZCP MCQ Written Exam CTF Course by Psych Scene is pleased to bring the new Written MCQ exam course (RANZCP exam) for the 2012 candidates in June-July 2014. With the introduction of the new curriculum (Competency Based Fellowship Training), trainees can now take a break between the first and second part of the RANZCP written exam. With our bank of several hundreds of questions covering the entire curriculum combined with an intensive training course at the best venues in Australia, you are in good hands to pass the exam on your first attempt. We’ve now been doing this for 4 years and many hundreds have benefited from the course. The questions undergo constant revision based on exam papers and feedback. Our candidate testimonials aptly summarise the value of the course (these are testimonials only for the written course):

  • “CTF Written Course was my fourth course attended for the RANZCP written exams; the best and most practically applicable.”
  • “Overall a great course, very intensive but very useful.”
  • “Really enjoyed the course!”
  • “Overall absolutely awesome!”
  • “Enjoyed the serious approach to study – got more covered. Efficient process of delivery of material, yet able to transmit lots of relevant information.”
  • Overall, brilliant course for orientating exam candidates to the exam formats, questions and efforts/domains to focus on passing. It is also useful for refreshing senior psychiatrists. I would recommend it to anyone about to sit the exams with little idea of what the exams entail and how best to pass them.
  • “Well organised, comprehensive and concise study notes. Consistent approach, presenter is very competent, professional and energising. The pace kept me entertained.”
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And of course some that wait till they pass:

  • “I just want to say special thanks for your help in passing my written exam, held in July 2010. I studied only 8 wks + this course & succeeded. Day 2 gave me huge confidence as CAP was my weakest link. That 2nd day approved vital at the end as I scored 70% in that portion & made recovery for other areas. Thanks again. I do recommend your course to everyone & hopefully will be in touch in the future especially for the clinical exam.”

So what’s our strategy and how will you benefit?

  1. MCQ’s: We go through hundreds of questions on the day focusing on thinking on your feet (after all you have only a minute per question). It’s all about buzz words, the buzz words help you pick the right answer in no time! (This Buzz word technique will help you immensely when you come to the Part II and clinical exams helping you convey information succinctly….).
  2. Critical Appraisal/ Analysis: I love this subject and am passionate about teaching you how to appraise a paper not only for the exams but for the future making your journal club much more interesting and making informed decisions for your patients. Being a peer referenced exam, this component often differentiates those who pass and fail. (along with the critical essay).  Everything is taught from basics, you don’t need to know much! We’ll cover all types of studies and solve hundreds of questions, carry out calculations the whole lot. I’ll give you clear tips on what you need to know. You’ll be surprised how simple it is, but make sure to follow my advice. Most people find Critical Appraisal difficult as they are learning it the wrong way. Reading a textbook only will help you with terms, it will not help you apply the techniques. Click here to read tips to pass the critical appraisal exam.
  3. Access to the CTF Written Course Online Resources
  4. Two days of intensive revision
  5. Questions Booklet with hundreds of questions for EMQ and Critical Appraisal
  6. Comprehensive Written Notes Booklet
  7. Discussion around questions to consolidate your knowledge base
  8. Ability to network with your peers and enhance yourself ( this is a peer referenced exam)

I’ll be honest; this face to face course is intense and you will come out exhausted but enlightened, weary but confident,  equipped with clear direction on how to prepare till the exam. The bonus: at least 30% of your work will be done for the MEQ’s and Clinical exams! And I’m not joking. This is why we have designed our courses as a journey; building a strong foundation to help you get through the exams and become an exceptional psychiatrist. Here is a follow up post about the courses. Stay tuned for dates through our website or facebook page. Print the Written Course Leaflet.

This article is written by Dr Sanil Rege, Consultant Psychiatrist in Mornington and Specialist Medical Educator. Having gone through several exams himself, he is aware of the stress and impact that exams have on doctors lives. He is passionate about helping candidates pass their exams the first time. He is co-founder of and has trained thousands of candidates both for the RANZCP exams and as part of CPD.  He is also founder of and

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