What is the CTF Course?

CTF or Cruise Through the Fellowship course is Psych Scene’s course for the RANZCP Exams. CTF stands for Cruise Through the Fellowship which is exactly what we have done for thousands of Australian and New Zealand trainees; help them Cruise Through the Fellowship. It is the leading provider of Written and Clinical Exam Prep Courses for Registrars and Consultant Psychiatrists in Australia & New Zealand preparing for their RANZCP exams. The courses focus on value, guidance and knowledge. The specialised and intensive CTF Written & Clinical Courses are guaranteed to increase your chances of passing the exams. Since 2009, we have assisted thousands in passing their exams. Cruise Through The Fellowship courses are developed and facilitated by Dr Sanil Rege with expert input from other specialists and peers. Dr Rege has had firsthand experience of the MRCPsych and FRANZCP exams. Having attended several courses himself, Dr Rege has brought together the most essential to create the CTF Courses.

How does the CTF Course help?

We provide relevant information and deliver it in a easy to remember manner. We have a formidable database of over 700 EMQ and CAP questions, Over 80 MEQ themes and real 15 Critical Analysis papers for the written exams. We provide specialised training for the Critical Essay through the combined knowledge of a psychiatrist and an experienced medical writer. We also provide an essay critiquing service.

For the clinicals, we equip you with skills that will last you a life time. The competitive advantage of our courses is that we provide you with the relevant notes, explain concepts through face to face lectures and provide guidance even after the course if required. Our material is relevant for the exams and the real world. When you attend our courses, be prepared to transform your practice.

What is Psych Interview?

Psych Interview is the complete solution for enhancing psychiatric interview skills through self-study on the web. It consists of over 80 videos and over 10 hours of video material. It has assisted hundreds of Psychiatry trainees in passing their exams (CASC, RANZCP and RCPSC), demonstrating better structured patient interviews and enhancing their psychiatry practice – not to mention improving the outcome to patients. Psych Interview has separate packages for GP’s, Mental Health Nurses and Allied Health Practitioners.

What is the Psych Evidence online course?

Psych Evidence is an online training course that specialises in Evidence Based Mental Health and Psychiatric Critical Appraisal skills. It has been created by Psychiatrists and Researchers for the use of Mental Health Professionals. Through the innovative, interactive and visually engaging online material, you can both analyse research effectively and apply it to clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.

How is Psych Evidence different from existing courses?

Existing courses teach you critical appraisal only which is generic in nature i.e not specialised in one particular medical field. Psych Evidence specialises in psychiatry with hundreds of examples, diagrams and graphs specifically related to psychiatry from the BJPsych obtained by special permission. Psych Evidence teaches you critical appraisal thoroughly but doesn’t stop at critical appraisal, it takes you further to teach you Evidence Based Psychiatry which is not only mastering critical appraisal but also its application to clinical practice. Special topics such as economic analysis are covered in detail as clinicians are often confronted with cost decisions. If you are truly interested in the practice of Evidence Based Psychiatry then Psych Evidence will take you there.

How can I view the course on my iPad and iPhone?

The Psych Evidence online learning materials are facilitated by Flash and, as iPads and iPhones are not Flash compatible, you are required to install an additional mobile browser in order to view Flash files on these devices. Please download Puffin Browser (Free from 8am-4 pm or USD 4.99) or Photon Browser (USD 6.49) to experience Psych Evidence on your iPad and iPhone.

Why should I subscribe to the Psych Evidence online course?

Because you will enhance the way you currently practice psychiatry. Research is not just for researchers. Understanding of research is important for everyone, so that the right questions are asked, stimulating discussions are shared and a culture of research is created at work places – all with the aim of improving patient care.

Critical Appraisal is only one component of EBP; the true art is putting the evidence into clinical context. By subscribing to the Psych Evidence online course you go through the entire journey and stand out in the world of psychiatric research and practice.

I am a Psychiatry Trainee. How can I benefit from Psych Evidence?

Psych Evidence will thoroughly prepare you for the exam helping you pass on the first try. It is ideal for the MRCPsych Paper 3, RANZCP Written exam and other exams that have critical appraisal as an important component. The developers of Psych Evidence are Psychiatrists, some of whom have gone through the critical appraisal exams themselves both for MRCPsych and FRANZCP and now set papers for trainees. There are also world renowned, expert Researchers on the team.

Psych Evidence is essentially a two-day course in online format including lectures and 300 exam style questions. In fact, it is the only course that has such an extensive guided tutorial and quiz combined which is what makes it unique and effective. Furthermore, it offers greater value than existing courses. You can repeat the lectures and quizzes as many times as you want. You can be confident that this is all you need to pass the exams. Because Psych Evidence specialises in psychiatric critical appraisal, the questions are relevant to the psychiatric exams and are analysed within the psychiatric context; the exact same aspect that is tested in the exams. The study methodology section will help you design your own research project based on sound methodology, so that you can be the change you want to see in psychiatric research.

I am an Allied Health Professional (i.e. nurse, psychologist, social worker). Will Psych Evidence benefit me?

Absolutely! Research principles are not just for psychiatrists. They are for all members of the multidisciplinary mental health team. Why? So that you can ask the right questions, quote recent evidence and bring an element of stimulation and robustness to clinical meetings. The skills imparted will help you design research projects at the local level, with results that are applicable to your particular population. With Psych Evidence you can take yourself to the next level!

Should I do the Psych Evidence online course or join a workshop?

The online course offers great content value with the flexibility to practice in your own pace and convenience. You can go back to any topic area when required and be in full control of your own rehearsal. However, the physical workshops held in Australian capital cities, offer the additional benefits of networking with other professionals and getting to hear and discuss your research projects with a distinguished researcher. Having done the course you can certainly still find the online course truly beneficial for your individual practice.

I am unable to attend a course of my interest in the nearest city. Is it possible to organise smaller size workshops in other locations?

Yes. The Psych Scene team can tailor workshops to serve small groups or specific mental health service teams. Talk to your work place management and contact us personally to discuss your requirements.

Is Psych Evidence expensive?

You can find the subscription package rates and workshop fees on the ‘Pricing and Signup’ page of this website. Psych Evidence offers you value beyond its prices; with a high quality, interactive learning platform that is visually engaging and easy to use, and a comprehensive workshop program with experienced specialist speakers. There is no better investment than investing in your own skills.

Will I be able to download the Psych Evidence material onto my PC / laptop?

No, you can use Psych Evidence only through this website and will need an internet connection. The Psych Evidence material is not downloadable due to copyright reasons.

If I choose the 1 month pack, will I be able to extend the subscription if I want to use Psych Evidence for a longer period?

Yes, if you choose the 1 or 3 month subscription pack you will receive a reminder to upgrade to further months before your subscription expires.

Are the Psych Evidence lectures easy to follow?

Yes, Psych Evidence has been developed for training purposes, and the lectures include voiceover explanations and interactive features to help you learn effectively.

I have a question regarding the Psych Interview Online Course. Where should I go?

Please visit www.psychinterview.com for more information.

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