5 Critical Tips for RANZCP Critical Essay Writing (CEQ)

The RANZCP Critical Essay (CEQ) Exam is now marked at a Junior Consultant Psychiatrist level and hence requires an additional layer of sophistication in writing the essay. I’ve tried to distill the process into 5 key tips that will help you plan the essay. Click on image below to enlarge.

1. Bring out the uncertainty in the quote:

Most candidates look at the quote and write the essay in a uni-directional manner searching for evidence that supports the quote. A critical essay however requires you to examine the counter-argument. So don’t forget to do that.

2. Use Multiple Perspectives (cultural, political, social, biological, media, clinical, recovery etc.):

The perspectives that you can use have been covered here. Use linking statements to seamlessly flow between paragraphs.
“Taking into account the cultural perspective…”, “Whilst the cultural perspective suggests….., the biological perspective sheds new light on our conceptualisation of.”..

A list of linking and contrasting words is provided as pre-course material for the Psych Scene Essay course.

3. Ask yourself “ What are the practical examples that support my perspectives?”:

Use research, clinical experience, patient and individual experiences to enrich the essay.

4. Ask yourself “Can I think of solutions for the issue/s?”:

Think of solutions broadly. How can social media help? What is the role of governments and pharmaceutical companies. Do we need a paradigm shift in societal perspectives?

5. Ask yourself “What does the big picture of the argument tell me about my conclusion?” Weigh up the evidence argued to come to a balanced conclusion.

The Psych Scene Critical Essay Writing Course will cover the above and examine candidate essays breaking them down into parts to explore various arguments. At the end of the course, candidates will be enriched in perspectives and styles of writing. Pre-and Post-course essay critiquing will be carried out by Dr Sanil Rege (Psychiatrist) and Michelle Guillemard (Experienced medical writer and founder of health writer hub).

Practice using the above tips and you will find your essays improving. Good Luck!

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