Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine- Keeping with the times

Mobile technologyWith the advent of mobile technology and rapid growth of hand held devices, it is inevitable that medicine and health will undergo a transformation. What is unthinkable now will slowly but surely become reality in the future. In view of this, I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new journal called the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine. I got in touch with the editor and here an excerpt about the journal from the editor in chief, Dr Chandrashan Perera.

“Medical professionals and allied health staff are practicing in an age where electronic data is fast superceding our traditional paper based data.  Moving this electronic data from stationary computers to convenient handheld mobile devices represents the cutting edge of technological development in medicine.  We are seeing the development of smartphones, tablets, telemedicine, and highly portable versions of previously large immobile equipment. Modern medicine is a science that heavily relies on evidence based decision making.  Our vision is to be the foremost resource for quality research examining the varied uses of mobile technologies in medicine, allowing for evidence based decision making.  Our mission is to promote further development in this field by documenting advances, providing a field for discussion, and stimulating further research.

The jMTM is an internationally peer reviewed open-access medical journal.  Articles are published online both on the website and in mobile format once accepted to the journal.  These are then collated into regular issues which are made available for download through a variety of formats free of charge to readers.”

You can submit your articles by clicking here. So pick up your smartphones, tablets or a voice recognition software and get started.

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