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Feedback Straight From Our Attendees

Recommended Course for RANZCP Exam

CTF Course by Psych Scene has been providing comprehensive RANZCP Exam written courses for trainees since 2009. We have trained over a thousand candidates and have continually refined our courses based on post exam candidate feedback with the questions updated every 6 months.

We try not to beat around the bush at the course. We focus intensely on a strong knowledge base and technique; the two things you will need to pass. We provide intensive face to face courses as opposed to purely an online course as it is the intensity and the speed of thinking that matters most in the exam. We focus on ensuring that you develop key skills to pass the exam: knowledge and speed (Buzz words for quick recognition, Focused knowledge base and techniques to write a succinct but meaningful answers). It is extremely satisfying to know that this approach has assisted candidates in successfully getting through the exam.
“I passed my written exam on the first go and I couldn’t have done it without the CTF Course and the Psych Evidence Online Course, so thank you to the Psych Team.”

With the upcoming RANZCP Written Exams in 2015, you may want to get an idea of the best way of preparing for the exam. Below are samples of testimonials and feedback from our written courses to give you an idea of what our courses are like …straight from the messengers so to speak.
These comments are from the 2014 courses. Other testimonials can be read on our testimonials page.

“Very objective, evidence based and current. High yield content delivered in a wonderfully easy way.”
• “Faultless”
• “Very impressed by the knowledge and way it was presented. It was interesting and varied and loved the way things were made clinically relevant and linked to cases.”
• “Dr. Rege, you are the most inspirational and motivational psychiatrist I have ever met. You are incredible. Thank you!”
• “I recommended it to my colleagues before I had attended it! They found it very helpful. I have no regrets about my recommendation!”
• “Dr Rege is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher. His clinical experiences which he used throughout the course were helpful and informative. I could not find the initial email re venue etc however I found it in my trash for some reason-so thank you to the team for resending the course information. In the breaks Dr Rege was patient in explaining concepts/formula which I could not follow during the time due to the accelerated pace.”
• “I feel more enlightened after the course! Indeed there should be a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m steadily getting there!”
• “A useful course, pretty intense, but interesting and great material to reflect on and as a starting point for my exam preparation. I will be booking onto other courses!”
• “The course is really efficient in 2 days. It broadens my knowledge”
• “The course is very useful. Intensive, but well prepared and thought of.”
• “Event was seamless, well organised (including preparation, handouts, slides, location)”
• “Very knowledgeable, approachable, with high quality training and 100% relevance.”
• “I have already spoken to my colleagues about his course.”
• “This course is highly recommended. It is a “comprehensive overview” of the important things that matters to Course Through The Fellowship.”
• “It was very useful to attend this course. Now I have a kind of a structure to prepare for the exam and feeling a bit more confident.”
• “Very helpful, a good reminder to cover breadth without getting overwhelmed and lost in knowing things in too much detail. Was very focused too! Very helpful, just what we need.”
• “Exceptional”
• “I found it particularly helpful to take the course at the start of my study, then again much closer out from my exam”
• “This course is like a booster dose towards preparation for the examination. Dr. Rege’s energy and motivation is very encouraging. Thank you.”
• “The CTF Course has been really good overall. But I think that it is a lot of content to be done in 2 days. I would like the course to be over 3 days with 1 day dedicated to Critical Appraisal.”  

We hope the feedback from candidates helps you decide on the best way forward. Feel free to contact us for any advice regarding psychiatry training. We are always happy to help. Good Luck from the Psych Scene Team!


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