Time for Change – The Mind-Body Symposium at Swissôtel in Sydney on 17th November

Having been in psychiatric practice for a while now, one of the most striking things to me is the continued pervasiveness of the mind-body dichotomy in medicine.

As a result, I cannot help but think that patients get a bad deal, especially psychiatric patients. There are numerous occasions when a referral is made to a specialist and things are dismissed as ‘normal’ or reported back as ‘psychiatric’. This not only undermines the psychiatrist’s opinion, having obviously referred the patient for an assessment because they think there is something ‘non-psychiatric’ to the case that requires collaboration, but also results in an impasse in management. In situations like this, it is better not pointing fingers at others but to ask what one can do to change the situation.

Psych Scene is taking the step to address this issue by holding a first of its kind training symposium in Australia, featuring the ‘Mind-Body Gap in Medicine’. By covering a broad range of topics across different specialities and putting the evidence into practice, the event aims to educate and generate discussion that helps psychiatrists become more confident in managing medical issues.

The symposium covers interesting talks by four experienced specialists and is suited to both consultant psychiatrists and psychiatry trainees. The topics span the domains of endocrinology, immunology, cardiology and circadian rhythms; showcasing the complex interplay between these areas and psychiatry.

The nature of the event is interactive, so please feel free to bring your own cases that you believe can benefit the discussion. Looking forward to seeing you at the Swissôtel in Sydney on Saturday 17th November!

Download the Symposium Leaflet for further information. Places are limited, so make your booking soon.

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