How to Pass the Critical Appraisal / Analysis Component of the MRCPsych and RANZCP Exam

Pass the MRCPsych and RANZCP Critical AppraisalThe word Critical Appraisal /Analysis instils a sense of dread in most psychiatric trainees. It is a crucial component of the MRCPsych and RANZCP exams.  The full post can be found on
Of course, if you want an intensive face to face course, the Psychevidence Critical appraisal course is held at least 4 times a year as part of the RANZCP written exam prep where everything is taught from basics with a major focus on real life examples, examples that I hope will stay with you forever. I have based this course on the principles I have talked about earlier. All types of studies are covered and real journal papers are practiced. If travelling to these courses is an issue, try the comprehensive Psychevidence critical appraisal online course, based on the same principles with 300 quiz questions to help you consolidate your knowledge.
I wish you luck on your journey in learning this fascinating and life changing subject. It takes a little bit of effort and the way you look at the world will be transformed forever.

This article is written by Dr Sanil Rege, Consultant Psychiatrist in Mornington and Specialist Medical Educator. Having gone through several exams himself, he is aware of the stress and impact that exams have on doctors lives. He is passionate about helping candidates pass their exams the first time. He is co-founder of and has trained thousands of candidates both for the RANZCP exams and as part of CPD. He is also founder of and

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